Friday, July 16, 2010

As of recent it's been a while. Here is a short review of my life since my last post.

My car, Thornton, died...transmission. So I started driving Mom and Dads truck. A 95 Silverado.
19th - I went skiing with our youth group. Took a stumble, landed on my head and ended up with a splitting headache and some cracked ribs.

13th-17th - I flew to Birmingham AL to visit my friend Emily for Spring break.
27th - Marilyn Stainbrook passed away. She left a huge hole in the lives of her family and friends. She was an amazing wife, mother, sister, grandmother, and friend. We all miss her.

4th - Easter...I came home from work at 7a and layed down for a nap but woke up 5 min before service started...missed Easter service.
20th-22nd - I went to Cincinnati and stayed with Megan and Roel for a Tues night before going to IHC on Wed and Thurs.

1st - In the evening while I was at work I got a text that said "Hi, from Pile Junior." Becky is expecting!
2nd - Family day at church with UBC choir and a pitch-in for lunch.
4th - Finals week...
8th - I went to the Atherton's to celebrate Victoria's graduation! Lots of people.
11th - CRASH! A girl rear-ended me and totaled my parent's truck. No one was seriously hurt but later I had some back pain come on. Pictures to come.
15th - GBS graduation. Rebekah and Daniel's wedding.
29th - Elizabeth Milburn had a baby shower for Laura Stuart. Mom's church had a mother/daughter banquet.
31st - Memorial day party at the Atherton's.

I have started running! Didn't make it far at first but I am progressing.
1st-6th - VBS! Lots of kids, lots of heat, and lots of fun. We got groups together a few nights after our bus routes and played tennis and volleyball.
5th - A "boy" I use to babysit graduated from High school. Congrats Christian!
Big fireworks party at my sisters house put on by Jimmy Gardner.
9th - I started going to a chiropractor...very helpful.
15th - I went to Megan and Roel's them. We took the kids we use to babysit for to a REDS game. We all had a blast until we were blasted away by the rain and wind. Great memories.
19th - Darla, Elizabeth Milburn and I went to the flea market in Friendship IN. It's huge and lots of fun.
26th- I was a bridesmaid in Emily Harmon and Jonathan Marsh's wedding.

3rd - Independence Day party at the Atherton's. Got some sun!
13th - Tasha and I went to the Decatur Co Fair. It was my first time to their fair.
15th - Laura and I made our way to Sarah Roach's house to make our little contribution to their yard sale. I made $6.25!! We had a lot of fun just goofing off and playing dutch blitz! I am so thankful for good friends such as those two.

That about sums it up. I want to put pics from my summer up...there are so many.
Until next time...

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